Myanmar city: Dutch citizen has been charged with “insulting religion.”


YANGON:  A court in the Myanmar city of Mandalay says a Dutch citizen has been charged with "insulting religion."

Nearby authorities said Klaas Haytema, 30, was expected in court later Friday after he was captured a week before for purportedly unplugging an intensifier impacting a late-night sermon close to his inn.

Haytema was staying at a lodging with his sweetheart when a group accumulated to challenge having the amplifiers killed. Police and Dutch negotiators declined to remark working on this issue.

Neighborhood media reported that Haytema had apologized to powers, however he could in any case face up to two years in jail and be fined on the off chance that he is sentenced the charge in the dominatingly Buddhist nation.

Several foreigners have gotten into trouble in Myanmar for religious offenses in the past two years.