My significant other is addicted to paid sex


Hey. My better half is addicted to paid sex. I got to know about it when I checked his credit card bills. He doesn't know I have a thought regarding it yet I can see from his bills that he is spending a great deal of cash on that. He brings solo excursions too with his guy companions. I am burnt out on taking duties of our two developing children and my bustling proficient life and I am not left with any vitality to steam up our room activity. It disturbs me now and again however I despise sex any longer. I know my lack of engagement has pushed him away in the relationship. What would it be a good idea for me to do?

Should I let her go?

ANSWER BY RASHI AHUJA: Often in life, work and obligation incurs significant injury on us and subsequently, we wind up dismissing probably the most imperative things throughout our life. In your circumstance as well, I see you have credited your significant other's dependence on paid sex, to your work and occupied way of life. While it's great to be thoughtful and see where you could have turned out badly, it might likewise be a smart thought to go up against your significant other to see what made him make this stride. Close by, I would likewise prescribe you to look for expert help through guiding, which may help you to deal with your anxiety levels and also help you to comprehend the purposes for your decreased drive. In conclusion, I might want to say that each relationship requires some exertion, and adoration you might have the capacity to reestablish your association with your better half.

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