My husband abuses me and my family, I want to commit suicide!



Question: I am 28-year-old married woman working in a rumored organization. My significant other is additionally of the same age however unemployed. I have been in this relationship for as long as 10 years, however we got married 3 years ago. We battle and contend practically consistently. He is constantly ill humored, regardless of how hard I attempt to make him happy. He generally mishandles me and my family, questions me and torments me actually. He hits me habitually. When he went to my office and slapped me in front of my colleagues.

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Since I can't manage with this torment, I need a separation from him, however he's not willing to concede me one. Truth be told, he dependably debilitates me that he will slaughter me or will toss corrosive on me in the event that I attempt and abandon him. I have cautioned him that I will go to the police, yet he's not anxious of the outcomes and says, "Police can keep me in the correctional facility for greatest 90 days or 9 years. In the wake of escaping the prison, I will slaughter you and your whole family". What would it be advisable for me to do? I have even considered suicide.

Reply by Parul Tank: It gives the idea that you are in a harsh relationship yet executing yourself doesn't appear to be an answer as per me. Rather, you ought to discover a legal advisor and get great lawful exhortation. Likewise get gather some family or social support, wo that you have individuals who can remain by you and help you inwardly. I would likewise recommend an advocate for some injury treatment to help you through this experience. Frequently companions need to do conjugal guiding when they wish to stay in the marriage. It might be beneficial setting off to a specialist to evaluate if your better half has a dysfunctional behavior or some grave identity issues.

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