“My Future lies in the hands of BCCI”, says Dhoni


Mumbai:  The Indian cricketer Mr. Dhoni’s captaincy will be decided by BCCI. A tour between India and Zimbawe doesn’t create the same buzz as a tour to Australia or England.

A reporter asked Dhoni about his views on the statement given by the team director Ravi Shashtri on Virat Kohli and how he is ready to lead India across formats.

He accussed the reporter in Bangalore after India’s thrilling one run win over Bangladesh in the ICC World T20, about not being happy with India’s victory.

After the team’s defeat in the semi final of the event to West Indies in Mumbai, an Australian journalist questioned about his captaincy which led to Mock Q and Mock A session between Dhoni and the reporter.

Dhoni made a statement on Ravi Shastri’s views in the press conference stating that “Its not that I don’t enjoy the game. This decision will be taken by BCCI, its not for me to decide.”