Must worship Maa Durga this Navratri


16 years later, has become a special combination of Navratri, Navratri this time because of the coincidence will be of 10 days,this Navratri Maa durga  will be coming on the horse and will be leaving on a buffalo. Navratri will begin from the bright fornight of Ashwin maas i.e. from October 1 and ditiya will be of two days this time. These Navratri of 10 days will bring prosperity in the house.

There is a greater power behind the great powers of God

This time the Navratri being in the Gajkeshri yog has increased its importance. Guru and the moon being in the virgo zodiac together are creating this yog. During shardiya Navratri the 9 forms of Maa Durga are worshipped as a sign of power. With the Hasta constellation the beginning of Navratri will be done on Saturday. If the Feast of the Divine Liturgy is started on Saturday in the Hasta constellation, is considered auspicious especially for Devikripa and god worshipping.

October 1 – Ghat Stahpna, Gajkeshri yoga.

October 2 – Ditiya, Dvipushkryog

October 3 – Tritiya, Raviyog

October 4 – Tritya, Raviyog

October 5 – Chaturthi, Raviyog, Amritsiddhiyog

October 6 – Panchami Shashthi, Sarvartha Siddhiyog, Raviyog

October 7 Shashthi,  Raviyog

October 8 – Prajany Sapthami, Saraswati Puja

October 9 Mahashtami Raviyog,  Sarvartha Siddhiyog

October 10 – Mahanavami, Raviyog

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