Must Visit cafes in Jaipur with your Friends


Jaipur is on everyone’s bucket list. The city is a beautiful amalgamation of old and new, of modern structures and vintage architecture, of spirit and character, of food and shopping, of picturesque views and present day wonders. For every Amer Palace there is a World Trade Park- I can’t think of any other city that has embraced the new century so well without giving up on its basic identity. Jaipur is truly home for me in every sense of the word. Here is a list of cafes you must visit with your friends in Jaipur.

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If you are in Jaipur, don't miss this place. Mundane things like tea cups and disposable plates are used in a new avatar and so is the case with food. Maggi the good old way as well as with an Italian twist or spicy, the way you like it. Dal pakwan in addition to the usuals like pasta, pizza. An exhaustive variety of tea, which is their specialty.

2.On the House

Located in C-Scheme this place is one of the best restaurants to visit in Jaipur..The ambience is really awesome and the service is just the best and they really care about their customers. The food is just awesome

3.Sky Waltz Café

The most awsomest, coolest place to visit near jaipur if you are going on a long drive! This place has the most beautiful interior with its special hanging table! The food is very delicious!  A mut Visit place.

4.Ketli Café

Ketli as it sounds familiar to all is a kettle in English. Tea has become an important refreshing drink which can be used whether you are sad, sleepy, happy and thus can be celebrated with every mood. Jaipur has this new joint for all tea lovers in Malviya Nagar – Ketli😉

5.Anokhi Café

A relaxing cafe with a quietly fashionable coffee-shop vibe about it, Anokhi is the perfect place to come if you’re craving a crunchy, well-dressed salad, quiche, or thickly filled sandwich – or just a respite from the hustle with a latte or an iced tea. The delicious organic loaves are made to order and can be purchased separately.
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