Muslims an essential part of America: Obama


WASHINGTON: Speaking Thursday at the White House reception celebrating belatedly the end of Ramadan, President Obama made a point of highlighting the contributions Muslims have made to American society. “You’re the doctors we trust with our health, the entrepreneurs who create jobs, artists who inspire us and activists for social justice who are on the front line in the fight for equality; you are the athletes that we cheer for,” said the president to a number of Muslim attendees.

Obama spoke of the role that Muslims have played in building the American society, as artists, architects, doctors, police personnel and members of the army who risk their lives to keep America’s freedom intact. The Muslim war veterans present at the event were cheered for by the president and the people in attendance.

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Speaking further about the role of Muslims that keep people safe, the president mentioned Malik Aziz, deputy police chief of Dallas in his role at helping uplift the city still shakes by the recent attacks o law enforcement. The president’s speech was met with loud cheers as he continued to speak highly of American Muslims and emphasized on tolerance and respect toward them.

“No, no, no, Michelle is gonna come down and scold me,” he jokes as chants of ‘4 more years’ rang loud during his speech. “Muslim Americans are as patriotic, as integrated as American as any other members of the American family and whether your family has been here for generations or you’re a new arrival you’re an essential part of the fabric of our country,” added Obama, and urged them to reject hatred and discrimination, reiterating the need for Muslim Americans and "all Americans" to stand together and "look out for one another."

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