Music is not my job it’s my life : Bhanu Pratap Singh



Bhanu Pratap Singh was born on November 8, in New Delhi. Bhanu Pratap Singh holds engineering as well as an MBA degree. He has attained his formal music education from reputed classical music Gharana: Kunwar Shyam Gharana (Jaipur Gharana). He was a disciple of renowned classical singer Pt. Bhavdeep Jaipur Wale. All this training honed his musical skills and rendered a fine and artistic touch to his voice.

Bhanu Pratap Singh who is one of the emerging singing sensations of today’s musical age who won the hearts of millions of audiences through his impeccable voice. His deep effective melodious voice which has enabled him to carve out a special position for himself in the rigorously competitive modern music industry where every aspiring artist can be seen struggling for the due attention.

But Bhanu proved the actual value of saying that real talent never gets unnoticed as his cosmic passion and dedication for the music fetched him an astounding break after which he did not turn back. And he decided to start the jouney of his new life and ready to face the new hurdles in his way.

Bhanu Pratap is a Versatile Singer who adore the music of Arjit Singh and Sonu Nigam and same time Mohd Rafi and Kishore Kumar with his old number.  He sings wide range from Romantic, to Old Numbers and to Party Numbers. He travels all over the world to do shows for Weddings, Private gigs, Corporate too. Past 8 months he did 11 Shows in Africa Nigeria and Benin.

He is again due to come next month for Nigeria, Benin and Ghana.  He is the first singer whose songs are played at times on African Radio Channel.  We just did a Successful show AFRO INDIA MUSIC CONCERT in Benin where he shared the stage with very famous African Female Singer Ms. Zainab and had a fantastic show Uniting Music from both the Countries.

Bhaanu belongs to a well established family of engineers. His father Sardar Didar Singh who is retired government employee and his brother Gurvinder Pal Singh are engineers. Bhaanu faced some initial hiccups in his music journey as his family wanted him to join their family legacy but eventually he overcame all these hurdles to pave the way for musical glory. In person, Bhaanu has an impeccable personality.

Bhanu’s voice is well adapted to suit various genres of music but his core areas of competency are Indipop music, Punjabi music and versatile bollywood songs. Bhaanu, formerly known as Bhanu Pratap Singh, has participated in various reality talent hunt shows like “Star Voice Of India”(Star Plus)as a singing star later, he become the leading star of “ Chak De Sheher Di Kudiyaa Gali De Gunde”(9x) and many more music shows where his performance was incredibly applauded by eminent jury members, celebrity judges, audiences and the show anchors.

He also participated in A.R Rahman’s show organized by Hindustan Times Fever 104 FM. Bhanu Pratap Singh had already glistened in more than  thousand of National & International shows. Music means everything to him. This passion for music has enabled him to achieve stardom for himself through his potential and hardwork.

Here are some more information which he has given us through our telephonic interview :

Q :When did u realise that u want to go for singing?

ANS : Actually life apne aap hi le aati h ! iam having an affair of  7 years so when that brokeup I realise that music is my life or mujhe vo hi karna chiye. and i start enjoy singing. When i was in collage I participated in many singing compititions, and I never thought ki mai professionally is field my jaunga. But I realise that music is my soul, then after apne aap raaste khulte gye and i start coming on realtiy shows, gave auditions, go to Mumbai than comeback. Fir music thora time ke liye chod diya than again I start singing that’s all it goes like.

Q : Hurdles in your entire music journey ?

ANS : My family is from business background and my father is a retired government servant, so music is not that for my ‘you know’ it is like hobby for me. Hota h na jab log puchte h ki kya karte ho  jii, iam musician iam singer so people were like haa vo to thk h pr kaam kya karte  ho ! soo shuruwat me kaafi problems aai , parents ne support nhi kiya. Than after a long time when I came to T.V. or fr jab parents ne dekha tab unhone kaha kii yes u are on right path go ahead.

Q : First reactions of your parents when they got to know that u want to become a singer ?

ANS : They were shocked ! ki isko ekdum se kya ho gya sab kuch hone ke baad why he want to become a singer. They did not support me at that moment. family kabhi kabhi samjh nhi paati h like all are engineers in my family so they want me to be an engineer too , so i was very pressurized and i face so many up and downs at that time. And now iam a sensation of music industry at least in north india.

Q : Who is your musical inspiration ?

ANS :  In 2005 I went to Mumbai to learn music from of renowned classical singer Pt. Bhavdeep Jaipur Wale who belong to Kunwar Shyam Gharana (Jaipur Gharana) , for 8- 9 months then I came back because my mother fell ill and she wanted me to be by her side. At that time of period I worked a lot mujhe yaad nhi ki us time m ek 1-2 hour se jada sota tha.m shoot krta tha album ki tayari karta tha. Then I craked into Star Voice Of India on Star Plus after that saa re ga ma pa me I came. And uske baad chal padi ab m apne video albums bana rahu .and in 2017 more albums will come.

Q : What Hidden Talents do you have ?

ANS :  I like to play guitar and I know some of chords of it. But I am not a professional guitarist. Additionally, I can mimic singers very well.

Q : First achievement of your life ?

ANS :  When I first came on screen. That time I was not aware how to create your own album and it took me three years to launch my first cover. And then I decided that I will not do reality shows anymore and I started working on my albums in 2011.

Q : At what age u started singing ?

ANS : When I was 21 and now I am 31.

Q : When did you got your first break in this singing industry?

ANS:  My first break was through the TV reality show Star Voice of India in the year 2007.

Q: What are your upcoming plans for future..?

ANS: Singing industry is a place where you can never predict anything about future even if you compose your song and it gets recorded too. Even the most renowned singers be it Sonu Nigam, Arijit singh or anyone else they will also reveal about their songs when they get released in the movie not before that.

Q: Russian girls can be seen in most of your videos. Any particular reason behind casting Russian girls..?

ANS: No not any particular reason behind casting Russian girls its just that the video should have both the music and glamour too. So, that even if you are not listening to the song you can admire the song by its casting.

Thank you so much for giving us your precious time and being with us. We would love to hear your songs in upcoming movies

Interviewed By  : Akrati Chaturvedi