Mumbai Women gives birth to conjoined twins


Mumbai: A doctor has conveyed that, a woman gave birth to conjoined twins, having two fully developed heads joined from above the chest and three arms, including a third arm protruding from the back. It is a rare case. 

On Wednesday morning the conjoined twins were delivered at the BMC’s Lokmanya Tilak Municipal Hospital, or Sion Hospital, by the gynaecologist unit’s Y.S. Nandanwar and his squad of neonatologists. Nandanwar has also further conveyed on Thursday that, the 26-year old mother – whose identity was not exposed – delivered the twins through Cesarian section, in the 37th week of pregnancy. 

The twins share a common heart, urinary bladder, genital and two lower limbs. The twins weighed 3.67 kg at birth. Nandanwar has also further conveyed that, the situation of the mother – who has former given birth to two normal daughters – and her twins is stable and they are doing fine. He also further conveyed adding that, the conjoined twins were diagnosed through an ultrasonography test conducted at Sion Hospital during the woman’s 32nd week of pregnancy. The twins are currently under the care of paediatrics surgeon Paras Kothari to inspect whether they can be separated without risking their lives.