Mumbai :Train services delay due to theft of battery box


Mumbai : Train services on the Western lines of Mumbai Suburban Railway network have resumed after a delay due to the theft of a battery box at the Mahim Electric Sub Station. The railways announced at various stations that all train services on the fast and slow corridors in both directions had been stopped due to a technical snag at Dadar.

"It is found that the problem has occurred due to theft of battery box at Mahim electric sub station. Efforts on for early restoration," the Western Railway tweeted. Reportedly, Mumbai local trains were running late due to a snag in the overhead electrification system. 

According to Western Railways PRO, technical glitch in OHE circuit lead to the issue. Problem is likely to be rectified soon after which services will resume. “Due to power not holding at Dadar, there’s no train from Churchgate as of now for a while. Efforts on for restoration,” said Western Railways PRO.