Mumbai: Road clear for Shiv Sena as BJP steps aside from mayor race


Preparing for Shiv Sena, Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnvais cleared the air on Mumbai’s mayoral fight on Saturday when he said the BJP won’t contest Mumbai mayoral and appointee mayoral surveys. Fadnavis said, “BJP corporators will go about as guard dogs of straightforwardness in BMC.” Dispelling questions about the Maharashtra government’s security, Fadnavis stated, “No risk to my administration, it is steady.” Making it plentifully obvious that BJP won’t trade off on straightforwardness, the state boss priest likewise stated: “We won’t be in the restriction, we will bolster the decision party however won’t bargain on straightforwardness.”

Notwithstanding being accomplices in central and state governments, the Shiv Sena and BJP battled the as of late finished up Brihanamumbai Municipal Corporation surveys independently. After the outcomes were reported, the Shiv Sena developed as the single biggest gathering in the 227-part board with 84 seats. BJP followed in close with 82. Congress was demolished as it secured the third spot with just 31 seats, while NCP got nine corporators while MNS packed away seven seats. The NCP has officially expressed it will avoid the Mayoral decisions. In an announcement to the media, state NCP President Sunil Tatkare hosted said the get-together would not go into any comprehension with both Shiv Sena or the BJP.

The Congress too shunned offering backing to the Shiv Sena for introducing its Mayor. Sanjay Nirupam, Congress’ state unit president had before informed that the gathering was wanting to hold talks with similarly invested parties for a typical applicant in Mayor’s election.