Mumbai: Nine People arrested as Housing society refused to give flat to Muslim family


Mumbai: Nine people have detained by Mumbai police after a housing society in Mumbai’s Vasai region banned a Muslim family from buying a house.

House owner, Jignesh Patel has been blocked by the 'Happy Jivan' society as he was selling his house to a Muslim man.

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An FIR has been lodged against at local police station of Mumbai for hurting the religious feelings of the individual. Based on the complaint by Muslim man, nine people have been arrested.

In the complaint, Patel said, “When he told the society members about the sale of his apartment, they opposed to it saying that they will not allow a non-vegetarian family to stay there. Ironically, the society is already home to two Muslim families.”

"They gave me a letter signed by residents saying that selling the flat to a Muslim will spoil the atmosphere," Patel added.

Happy Jivan society has issued a fresh letter to Patel which mentioned that they had no problem with the flat being sold to a Muslim family.

Patel added, “He was thinking of withdrawing the case since he has been granted permission of selling the flat to whoever he wants.”

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