Mumbai High Court : Baadshaho Makers Forced To Drop ‘Keh Du Tumhe’ Song


The remixed version of ‘Keh Doon Tumhe’ song which is been recently used in the film Baadshaho lends into legal trouble. The original track of this song is from the film Deewar which was released in the year 1975. The song was filmed on Shashi Kapoor and Neetu Singh (now Neetu Kapoor).

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Recreating old popular ditties may be a quick success formula for many music composers. In the film Baadshaho the makers have remixed this famous song, featuring Esha Gupta and Emraan Hashmi.

Well’ the things are not in the favour of makers of Baadshaho, as the team has landed in trouble over the remixed version of Keh Doon Tumhe titled Socha Hai. Mumbai High Court has passed judgment on Monday, in which Rajiv Rai won the case against Bhushan Kumar’s music company Super Cassettes Industries. According to the decision, the makers of Baadshaho cannot use the song in their film as it was originally a part of (1975) Deewar.

Since 1974, Rai’s Trimurti Films owns the copyright to the lyrics and music of Keh Doon Tumhe. Just from the time they entered into contract with lyricist Sudhir Ludhianvi and composer RD Burman. On January 2, 1974, the company entered into an agreement with Polydor (now Universal Music India), following the right to make and sell gramophone records of songs from Deewar, and the mechanical reproduction rights for this limited purpose.

Speaking for this, Rai said, “When you make a song, you sometimes give the remix rights to the music company. But, in this case, we had not given the rights to Polydor. So when T-Series took the remix rights from Universal, the company told them categorically that if Trimurti Films sues them, they will have to fight it out. It’s not just a fight for me, but for all producers in Bollywood.”

Rai is disheartened with the constant remixing of the old songs, without the necessary. He further said, “Not many producers bother confronting a music company. Earlier, many of my songs like Oye Oye [Tridev, 1989] and Tu Cheez Badi Hai Mast Mast [Mohra, 1994] were recreated. The concerned people said that I have given them permission. But, truth is, nobody ever sought my permission, nor did I ever make a penny out of it.”

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MD and chairman of T-Series, Bhushan Kumar said, “We’ve always bought recreation rights from the respective music companies. This is the first time that the rights were fractured. We have dropped the song from the movie and pulled it down from all networks.”