Mumbai 2017 BMC elections: Nobody can stop BJP from winning the election says CM Fadnavis


Mumbai: Announcing that nobody can stop the BJP from a massive victory in Mumbai, Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis on Wednesday set the tone for the 2017 BMC elections for which he is banking on the development plank.  BJP workers shouted slogans of winning 114 seats in the BMC (of 227 seats, 114 are needed to win power).

“Let there be no doubt that we will have a resounding victory in the upcoming BMC polls. It’s definite… You will read news everyday about an alliance happening or not happening. Ignore it, your job is to focus on your booth,” said Fadnavis in his address to the party cadre. In his speech, Fadnavis did not touch upon its troubles with ally Shiv Sena or name-calling even once, indicating a tactical approach ahead of the polls even as the party prepares to go solo.

Shelar through a story from the Mahabharata suggested that strategy in the coming electoral battle would be best left in the hands of the Chief Minister alias ‘Krishna’ to overcome a monster that seemed to get bigger with every strike. “ This battle cannot be fought using weapons… This time we are the ruling party and we will have to go to people with our list of achievements..everything else you leave to Krishnaneti,” said Shelar.

The speech refelcted that the focus of the BJP’s BMC campaign will be on development. Fadnavis spoke of the party’s blueprint for Mumbai, envisioning elevated rail and multi-modal corridors, metro networks, end-to end-transport solution and affordable Rs 15 lakh homes. The CM spelt out the party’s target voters, not the affluent and the rich but those who “run small shops, do small jobs, live in slums, travel only in locals.”