Multilingual post to be launch by Facebook soon


The Social networking site Facebook will allow you to communicate with a global audience soon. The company has taken initiative to introduce a new software that will help you to translate your posts to several different languages.
Facebook helps you to make your published posts visible to people in their preferred languages.

All you need to do is type up a post, click on a pull-down menu, and add up to 45 different language translations ranging from French to Filipino to Lithuanian,  tech website CNET reported.

The new feature “multilingual composer” is being checked only by small group of users.  Recently, it is used by 5,000 Facebook Pages which are specifically for businesses and brands. It will soon become open for the users.   

Currently, it utilises information like a user’s location, language preferences and what language a person most commonly uses to post on Facebook to decide which version of the message to show. 

According to Facebook, about half of its 1.65 billion users worldwide speak a language other than English. The move is expected to allow people to spend more time on Facebook.