Mukesh Ambani: If I could be 25 again, Reliance would be 10 times bigger


Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani said that he on the off chance that he could back to being 25 years of age again and have the same infectious enthusiasm of today’s youth, his organization would be 10 times greater than it is right now.

Talking on the sidelines of the India Today Conclave, Ambani said that he observes today’s young era to be gigantically optimistic and have a “nothing is inconceivable” state of mind.

“What strikes me is that they are needing to challenge tried and true way of thinking, a characteristic that was before limited only to visionaries,” he said. “Dissimilar to my era, they are finding and taking care of issues instead of whining. This is the new India.”

Ambani said he doesn’t give time to perusing quarterly outcomes and financial reports and was an adherent to investing the best effort.

He said that he would have been an teacher had his dad Dhirubhai Ambani not asked him to get into business, including that he and spouse Nita were investigating getting into the education part.

At the conference, Ambani conveyed the keynote address on ‘Why Technology Will Change India – The 21st Century Optimist’.

He advised young generations to take after their fantasies, as money is only a by-product of passion.