MP Farmers’ protest strike reaches Jaipur from Mandsaur


JAIPUR: The farmer’s protest that has been going in Mandsaur district of Madhya Pradesh and New Delhi, reached to Jaipur on Saturday. The protestors are ordering loan waiver and hike in crops price.

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As per the reports, the protest will be held in Maharashtra, UP, Haryana and New Delhi on July 18.

On Sunday, a meeting was conducted at CPM office in the morning where Maharashtra MP Raju Shetti, Yogendra Yadav of Swaraj Abhiyan, farmers’ leader V M Singh, Dr Sunilam, Rajasthan’s Amra Ram and leaders from Tamil Nadu were present. They articulated their harmony with farmers.

On June 6, the public of Mandsaur witnessed two-minute silence for those farmers who died in the police gunfire in Madhya Pradesh.

“Farmers feed the nation, but this is a nation ungrateful to the people who feed her. We now have to grab our rights from people who govern us. And although we are shown all these images of progress—of vikas—we know that there are no jobs out there. What will our children do once they complete studying? We have incurred loans for their education. If there is no farming, they will sink into depression and become dependent on drugs,” V M Singh asserted.

The leader of farmers protest, Shetti discussed that how the protest had enforced the Maharashtra state government to give up loans. On June 11, the state government declared that it would surrender loans of small farmers.

“If Maharashtra can announce a Rs 34,000 crore loan waiver, other states too should give similar waivers,” Shetti stated

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Yogendra Yadav stated that the loans had become a load due to government strategy. “This government at the Centre is the worst for farmers in the history of independent India,” he stated.