Movie Review: Tutak Tutak Tutiya


Genre: Comedy

Cast: Prabhudheva, Tamannaah Bhatia, Sonu Sood

Director: Vijay

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Tutak Tutak Tutiya is a commonplace potboiler worth its ticket cost. It is a comic romantic tale with an ghost included.

It is the tale of Krishna (Prabhudheva), a person past his prime, who longs for wedding a "cutting edge young lady" however arrives up getting married with Devi, a "town debutante", against his desires and how his nauseate bit by bit swings to love.

This may likewise be an oft-seen start, yet the straightforward and novel treatment of the plot is the thing that makes the film stand separated. The written work is crisp and the story is fortifying with practical exhibitions.

The film is Prabhudheva and Tamannaah Bhatia's canvas. There is no science between them. However, they snare you on.

Prabhudheva as Krishna, the 34-year-old attempting to snare a young lady, is persuading. With a straight face and honest looks, he is basically characteristic and amazing as he lives his character to the handle. His moving aptitudes are constrained into the story, yet that is normal with Prabhudheva around. What adds to his appeal is his pizazz for comic drama.

Tamannaah depicts her acting aptitudes and moving capacities competently, wavering between Devi – her town young lady act – and Ruby, the colorful on-screen character.

Sonu Sood, as Raj Khanna the genius is sincere, however an oddball. He looks bored as well as has not a lot to offer as far as drama.

Murli Sharma as Raj Khanna's helper and humorist Rajiv Thakur as Krishna's dear companion are both outstandingly striking.

In cameo parts, there are Amy Jackson, Esha Gupta and Farah Khan.

With direct creation values which are very much misused, the visuals by cinematographer Manush Nandan are tastefully shot. With fine video impacts, the PC produced pictures coordinate flawlessly with the real to life shots. This is clear in the scene where Krishna tries to escape from his home and the entryway board frightfully moves and pivots, blocking him from getting away and when he does, drops him once more into the room.

In general, while the film is connecting with and fascinating, it experiences an exhausted second half and a silly completion. In any case, all things considered, it keeps you in parts. A superior star cast would have raised this film.

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