Movie review: Missing on a weekend


Genre: Thriller

Cast: Karan Hariharan, Pawan Malhotra Dishank Arora

Director: Abhishek Jawkar

Movie review: 54321

With the exception of the effective Pawan Malhotra who steerages and nails the thriller and adroitly grapples the activity, Missing On A Weekend is supported by a group of over-energetic newcomers, avid to please and significantly more willing to demonstrate they can act.

Karan Hariharan is the emerge debutant. He plays Laksh, a befuddled, bewildered 20-something stranded at-adolescence, fiscally tested determined worker who gets caught in a circumstance with his rich companions while traveling in Goa.

In spite of the fact that a portion of the exhibitions by newcomers who play dead Goan vacationers could do with significantly additionally cleaning, the general picture of an era high on indulgence goes over successfully in the bar fights and the private alcove fights demonstrating the sexual pressure that slimes out of the youthful when they are given the opportunity for boundless fun.

Essayist executive Abhishek Jawkar, in a unintended tribute to Naseeruddin Shah's intuitive vitality with Om Puri in Govind Nihalani's Aakrosh, pitches policeman Pawan Malhotra against the prime suspect played by newcomer Karan Hariharan.

With his tension loaded glaring look of bewilderment and implicating non-verbal communication, Karan conveys to his part of the anguished reveler a specific pride that different newcomers in the film discover hard to assemble.

Pawan's scenes with Karan are implosive held and aromatic with a sense power and fate.

The story ought to have concentrated more on this current couple's intuitive vitality yet goes everywhere.

There are two unnecessary item songs(clumsily choreographed and in desperate need of reasonable situation) and a pointlessly exaggerated back story for Pawan's character where in one hurriedly done succession, we are told his little girl was assaulted and the catastrophe obliterated his marriage.

Missing on A Weekend is a film in a rush. Abhishek keeps the weekender plot moving at a lively, if not winded, run.

The feeling of time running out on the characters is all around kept up. Refreshingly the jigsaw-like plot appears to acquire from no place, and is, in general, crisp in its whodunit advance.

On the off chance that you like dim unpredictable thrillers with over-immersed outlines which jab savage fun at rich ways of life, Missing On A Weekend with Pawan's wry demonstration and Karan's enticing casualty suspect masquerade could be your performer this weekend.

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