CAST  : Sudeep, Nithya Menen, Ravishankar, Nazeer,

DIRECTION  : KS Ravikumar

The screen can't get enough of Sudeep in Kotigobba-2. The film is a star vehicle. The account expectedly and over and again stops and clears a path for the moderate movement successions that emphasis on Sudeep's hair flip, hand signals, change of his coat, a variety of the cigarette flip and his voice, obviously.

Film review

In the opening tune, the producer likewise contrasts Sudeep and Vishnuvardhan utilizing a unique realistic as a part of which two Vishnuvardhans converge into Sudeep. Aside from this, the film has scarcely any association with Vishnuvardhan's Kotigobba (2001).

On top of this, K.S. Ravikumar throws Sudeep in a twofold part: Satya, the mellow natured, little time land dealer and his fiendish modify inner self, Shiva, a pro in heists. Presently, Shiva should be malevolent however Ravikumar ensures we comprehend that Shiva just takes to provide for poor people. So both renditions of Sudeep are great, simply that one of them has more swag.

At the point when Satya confronts shamefulness, Shiva ventures into guarantee equity, though the warped way. As ACP Kishore (Ravishankar) says in one scene, if Satya needs to end up Shiva, he needs to get outrageously furious.

One is helped to remember S. Shankar's Anniyan where the lead character experiences numerous identity issue. Be that as it may, Kotigobba-2 makes no notice of any sort of dysfunctional behavior and, truth be told, praises Shiva over Satya.

There is a motivation behind why Satya felt the need to change to Shiva once in a while and this is clarified through a fairly long back story in the second half. At the heart of it is the thing that Satya learnt from his dad (Prakash Raj). It is an alternate matter that the lessons learnt from the father are terribly misjudged.

Satya likewise becomes hopelessly enamored with Shubha (Nithya Menen) who fortunately brings up the defects in Satya's thinking of his identity emergency and requests that he pick amongst Shiva and Satya. In any case, in normal star vehicle style, Ravikumar guarantees that Sudeep's fans get as quite a bit of their star as they can, regardless of the fact that that implies praising an identity issue.

With regards to the Ravikumar style of filmmaking, there are various business components. This incorporates an opening tune dedicated to Sudeep (in which the movie producer excessively moves), considerable suspension of rationale and material science, a few sentimental numbers and some comic asides (thankfully, woven into the story). Be that as it may, the film superfluously drags. The last activity succession has been lifted and reproduced from Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows.

Sharath Lohitashwa, Avinash and Mukesh Tiwari are utilized as stock insidiousness characters. Ravishankar is exaggerated. Nasser tries his best to play the great cop. Nithya Menen spares the film from turning out to be excessively unoriginal in any event to the extent the female leads go. Sudeep flutters between generalizations of good and awful — with neither showcasing him uniquely in contrast to his different movies.

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