Movie review of film: Hey Jude

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Nivin Pauly and Trisha’s new movie Hey Jude, directed by Shyamprasad is a lighthearted comedy of two altogether people, who came to know that they really have something common between them which makes them similar to each other. It’s a purely entertaining movie without being obscene, which every film ought to do nowadays.  It likewise supports two strong performing artists who know precisely what to do with their characters, and without any need of vanity or trying to be too cute.  

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Nivin Pauly is already a talented actor, which is something worth being thankful for enlightening the fact that his character, Jude, could have effectively been the irritating character, yet Pauly plays him so naturally and gracefully with some touch of feeling that his Jude character become something genuinely unique. 

Trisha also does same with her character in movie for Crystal, who is a hyper pixie young lady, the way she is displayed from starting was great. However, her looks and charming personality are very refreshing, which is simply because Trisha plays her with much mankind and not the standard peculiarity of a common Bollywood actress. 

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Apart from these two all the supporting cast carry out their skills exceptionally well, and we can see our own friends and closers with the way they be with Jude in the entire movie, yet it’s never deigning, which is the magnificence of the film. The things which came across from the movie is that an excellent tribute to kinship, love and acknowledgment of other and yourself, your identity and who you intend to be.  

Rajasthan Tourism App - Welcomes to the lend of Sun, Send and adventures