Movie review: 54321


Director: Raghavendra Prasad

Cast: Shabeer, Arvin, Ravi Raghavendra, Jayakumar ,

A Flying Jatt’ Movie Review

54321 is a crude endeavor which ends up being a depleting film. The kind that abandons you having an inclination that you’ve run the marathon… however with none of the fulfillment, or the feeling of accomplishment that accompanies achieving the completion line. In any case, praise to executive Raghavendra Prasad as he is sufficiently straightforward to credit motion pictures like Babel, Aalavandhan, Old Boy and a few Tarantino movies, which is an uncommon thing in Tamil film.

Vikram (Shabeer) and Vinoth (Aarvin) are youth neighbors, when the last joins the same class of the previous, he supersedes in studies. Indeed, even Vikram’s father and mother like the amiable attitude of Vinoth while they treat their own particular child with a lot of strictness, which makes a colossal disdain among the pair. Vikram incidentally pushes Vinoth’s mother and she passes on the spot as an auto hits her. Later, Vinoth moves to Vikram’s home and it just expands the ill will between them. At a certain point of time, Vikram arrangements to wound Vinoth yet he coincidentally kills his own particular mother and goes to Borstal School. Whatever remains of the film is about how Vikram renders retribution against his strict father, Vinoth and his better half by tormenting them in a bolted home! As said before, the thought is extraordinary. Five characters (5), four ways of life (4), three killings (3), two hours(2) and one retribution (1) is something looks exceptionally strong on paper however lamentably the chief couldn’t present it in a drawing in screenplay. Shabbeer is very great as a rationally exasperates/psycho miscreant and the cheat Jayakumar too has given a splendid execution however whatever is left of the on-screen characters are worn out that their exhibitions are sensational! Truth be told, Jayakumar’s bit is the best in the entire motion picture, this is the thing that a decent performing artist can do to a very much proposed film.

May be, better performing artists and better discoursed would have certainly made this a watchable film yet unfortunately, things dont happen that way! Another praiseworthy exertion in the film is Joshua Sridhar’s music, which helps us to remember watching old Alfred Hitchcock motion pictures. The last recommendation from us is that makers and chiefs ought to invest more energy in composing and practices, smart thoughts like 54321 shouldn’t be squandered!

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