Mother says 2 Hindu missing girls forcibly converted to Islam


Kochi: According to sources, a mother of an engineering student supposed that her daughter Aparna was by force converted to Islam. In her grievance, Mother Mini Vijayan supposed that her daughter Aparna, who had distorted her name to Shahana, was forced to convert to Islam. Though, when the police shaped Aparna in front of court she rejected the charges of forced conversion. Subsequent to when Mother filed police complaint, after that immediately sources reached her daughter Aparna in Kozhikode. Mother Mini Vijayan also further conveyed that, the police shaped Aparna in front of the high court where she refused to go with her parents and choose to continue stay with Sumayya, the woman who accompanied her to the court. Aparna, was a student of Jual Education Trust in Ernakulam, is presently living at Sathya Sarani, an institute which focus to broadcast Islam among non-Muslims.

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Vijayan also further conveyed that, although aparna used to be in touch with me former, she went incommunicado still since the case of Nimisha appeared in the media. Conversion of a Hindu girl Nimisha alias Fathima, who presently went missing down with 20 others from Kerala, drew a lot of media attention presently. The police seemed helpless as Aparna had willing choose to be with those who converted her to Islam.

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