Most risky and dangerous Roads in India


Travel: There are places which can’t be reached via airplane or ship, but can be reached through road. Roads are meant to lead us to our destinations, no matter whatever the weather condition or topography is. But there are some roads around the globe that are Highway to Hell. They are so furious in nature that they lead its travelers to death bed, instead of their destinations. These roads are death paths mostly due to their extreme locations in the mountains and remote terrains.

Zoji La Pass

The blink of an eye could land a vehicle straight down from an altitude of 3,538 meters! Zoji La Pass is one of the country’s most dreaded roads as it is frightfully narrow and covered in snow sludge round the season. You'll come across this route while making your way to Leh from Srinagar. The pass is a major link between Ladakh and Kashmir.

Neral-Matheran Road

This serpentine road will send your heart to your mouth for sure! The road that goes up to Matheran from Neral is as smooth as butter. But you cannot speed up due to its narrowness. If you don't want to drive it, there are many share taxis that take tourists in hoards right up to Matheran.

National Highway 22

The name ‘highway to hell’ seems more appropriate for this scary highway than the current unassuming National Highway 22. Touted as one of India’s most dangerous highways, the road here makes you cut through a mountain. In the process, death looms over you in the form of cliffs and tunnels all around. National Highway 22 was also featured in the History Channel's "IRT Deadliest Roads" TV series for its poor maintenance and hazardous condition.

Leh-Manali Highway

Driving on this route is a massive pain, because the highway is always ‘traff**cked’ and you move at a snail's pace. When the snow-laden road thaw with frost heaves, several trucks and four-wheelers are said to have suffered irreparable damage. 

Three level Zig Zag Road

Located in Sikkim, these spiral roads make for the most scenic views. At 11,200 ft above the sea level, this road will give you the best view of the Himalayan crown. The curvy roads will send your head into a tizzy even if you’re sitting on the backseat. You need special permits to pass through, as the road is not for the faint-hearted!

Valparai Tirupati ghat

It’s not easy to reach the most crowded temple on earth. Tirupati has a ghat which is quite risky and prone to accidents. You have to be extra careful while passing through the twists and turns that are abundant on the road.