Most Haunted places in India


Travel:  There are more haunted places in India than you can count. If you pack your bags today and start visiting these places, you might take almost a month to visit them all. What’s interesting is the reason that makes these places popular. If rumours be believed ‘Ghosts’ do exist, and some of these places have managed to remain haunted for years. While the subject of existence is a matter of argument, we bring you the complete list of all the allegedly haunted places in India.


Aleya Ghost Lights, West Bengal

Will-o’-the-wisp or Foolish fire in Latin, is a phenomenon noticed at night, mostly around swamps and marshes. Aleya ghost Lights in West Bengal is one of those places where you can notice these lights. The area is said to be haunted by a Fisherman’s spirit. The light pattern people usually notice, suggests a fisherman figure which appears from a distance in the dark. Fishermen in the area consider these hovering lights to be a sign of danger.

Agrasen Ki Baoli, Delhi

Agrasen Ki Baoli is a tourist spot by the day and a haunted place by the night. Recently came in the news for a scene in the controversial movie PK, where Aamir Khan’s character was seen roaming around in the Baoli. Rumor has it that the place was filled with black water which enticed the visitors to go deep or jump and commit suicide.

 Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan

Bhangarh Fort has been one of the most haunted places in India for years. Another place which is featured in films, but the film was shot during the day. The ruins of the fort are said to be haunted for decades. Even the government has prohibited entry to the fort after the sun sets.

Brijraj Bhavan Palace- Kota, Rajasthan

During the 1857 mutiny, Major Burton who was posted in province of Kota was killed by Indian Sepoys. The Ghost of Major Burton haunts the place and is said to be a harmless ghost except for the guards, who allegedly get slapped once in a while by the ghost.

Delhi Cantt, Delhi

The refreshing air of Delhi has much more to offer to tourists than just old buildings. If you happen to be around the Delhi cantonment area, ask people around for the spooky stories. Hundreds of people have felt and seen the presence of an eerie lady ghost who haunts the area.

Dow Hills, West Bengal

Death Road, as the locals call it has been reported on many occasions for being chased by a headless boy. The boy apparently disappears into the woods. There has been news of suicides and people falling into depression after visit Dow hills.

D’Souza Chawl- Mahim, Mumbai

It is said that the spirit of a deceased lady haunts the corridors of this chawl and has been spotted many times near the tube well which is not in use anymore. The well was a source of pure water for many years till a local lady fell into the well and died. Ever since this accident, the spirit of the lady started roaming in the chawl.

 Kuldhara, Rajasthan

The place came in the news back in the 1800s when the villagers started abandoning the place. The last villagers to leave the village were never found. The stories narrated by the villagers were captured in video format by many travelers, they can be easily found on the Internet. Kuldhara is located within a few hours distance from Jaisalmer.