Morning rituals for healthy body and mind


Lifestyle: Your morning routine builds up the energy of your upcoming day. Do you know your morning routine is the key for your happiness, fitness and health? Here are 10 healthy habits that will make your entire day healthy and happy. 


Little stretching makes your muscles flexible and relaxes. Sleeping can stiffen the body and so, a good morning stretching can activate your organism. It will likewise increase blood flow and reduce stress and tension. You are probably asking right now what to stretch, simply go from top to bottom, starting with the neck, shoulders, chest back, quads, hamstrings and calves.

Set your internal clock

It is very important to fix the time when you sleep or wake up. Experts say that the individuals who rest over nine hours during night their bodies create a greater amount of the hormone melatonin than those who rest less than nine hours. Sleeping for 9 hours don't make your morning lazy and day lethargic.

Wake up on time

Wake up on time and never skip your breakfast in the morning. Snoozing alarms for 10 minutes is hazardous to health. Fix a time and wake up on that particular time.

Have a cup of lemon water

A glass of lemon water in the morning, besides cleansing the body it balances the PH levels, improves digestion and most importantly it gives the metabolism a push to battle food cravings. This is important because in this way you’ll increase your energy.

Read in bed

To get a good night sleep, one of the best tricks is to keep technology away. But to get an energetic morning, check messages or news. It will awake your brain and you will instantly get out of your bed. The anxiety can keep you alert.

Morning workout is best

Exercises are good for overall health, but a morning exercise will increase your heart beat and blood flow, making you feels alert. Working out is not just to get sweaty; it gives you and increases your energy also.

Calm down and meditate

Morning meditation is very important for healthy mind and body. A clear mind won’t get bogged down. Take only five minutes in the morning to meditate. Find a place where you feel comfy and listen to some relaxed music while focusing on your breathing.

Eat an Iron-packed breakfast

Iron deficiency can make you slow and lazy. Don't ever miss your morning breakfast. Only if the morning meal is lacking iron then you might feel not so energized. Add eggs, green leafy vegetables, peanut butter, beans etc to your morning breakfast.

Dress like you mean it

How you are dressed up really matters a lot. The ways you carry yourself ultimately boost your confidence level. Wearing comfortable clothes plays with your psyche and your inspiration fooling you that it’s still relax time.

Don’t sleep in on weekends

Don't spoil your weekend by sleeping. Try new activities, explore new places and make your weekend a fun. Doing so will ultimately make your weekdays happy and chirpy.