More than 700 migrants rescued in the Mediterranean Sea in one day


The Spanish aid group "Proactiva Open Arms" rescued more than 700 migrants Sunday from seven migrant boats off Libya's coast. Spanish NGO said that the rescued refugees were then transferred to Sicily.

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More than 700 foreigners getting away war-torn Libya have been saved in the Mediterranean ocean Monday. 

Displaced people escaping the disturbed nation on little inflatable dinghies were protected by crisis groups as they cruised toward the Italian coast, around 17 miles north of Sabratha, Libya, prior today. 

Individuals from Proactiva Open Arms NGO, a gathering set up to protect transients adrift, pulled them from their inflatable pontoons before giving them over to the Italian coastguards working in the zone. 

A huge number of vagrants attempt every year to escape Libya and make it to Italy however numerous suffocate amid the intersection. 

They pack into water crafts that are little and hazardous for the 190-mile dangerous adventure from Libya's shores. A sum of 4,027 transients and displaced people have died since 

January attempting to escape wars and neediness searching for a superior life principally in Europe, the International Organization for Migration said a week ago. 

Of that aggregate, nearly 3,120 passed on attempting to cross the Mediterranean Sea, including 120 who suffocated off Libya's beach front town of Sabratha toward the end of July, it said.

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