More Handsome Man, Better in Bed


A new study has exposed that women are more likely to high point when they’re in bed with a man that they judge as attractive. While the bottom line of the research may not blow any minds, there are some other revelations that may be less expected.

The study team, which consisted of psychologists and anthropologists, believe that the female orgasm is linked to the desire to produce higher “quality” offspring, so if they are bedding someone they deem masculine, the chances are higher that they will reach the finish line.

Each male subject was rated for “objectively-measured facial masculinity, observer-rated facial masculinity, partner-rated masculinity, and partner-rated dominance. The observers and the men also rated their personal attractiveness.

The female subjects who had partners that rated as highly dominant and masculine reported not only more orgasms, but a shorter period to achieve one.

Need steamier sex?

“Thus, possible conception-promoting correlates of female orgasm may be especially effective and/or likely when copulation occurs with masculine males,” the authors wrote in the study, the news source reports. “These results appear to support a role for female orgasm in sire choice.”

Of course, that’s just one factor among many that will help women achieve orgasm. Female pleasure has previously been linked to everything from mood to inherent libido. Experts generally advise men who are worried about their performance to spend the entire day wooing their partner, because most women consider foreplay as an all-day event from the moment you wake up in the morning to the time you’re getting ready to knock boots.

Bedroom accessories like the vibrating ring can be helpful in spicing things up, too, especially considering how many women are open to experimenting with vibrators in the bedroom.

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