Monsoon to hit Mumbai by June 10, but light rain expected


MUMBAI: Monsoon is likely to hit Mumbai by next weekend June 10, IMD reported.

On May 30, the monsoon hit Kerala for about two days before its arrival on June1. Kerala has been facing pre-storm showers since the previous couple of days which, the IMD has estimate, are probably going to proceed. Pre-rainstorm showers were first experienced on May 12 in parts of Mumbai and Navi Mumbai and have proceeded from that point forward.

KS Hosalikar, deputy director general, western locale, tor-general, western area, IMD, stated, “We expect a nearnormal onset of rainstorm in Mumbai. Pre-rainstorm showers are normal throughout the following couple of days because of solid westerly winds,” he said.

On Thursday, IMD’s Colaba and Santacruz observatories recorded no precipitation. In any case, it has forcast light showers in the following 24 hours.

In the mean time, dampness leve ls kept on being high. The relative moistness recorded by the IMD’s Colaba observatory was 83% on Thursday while the Santacruz observatory recorded 73%. Greatest temperatures drifted around 35 degree Celsius.

“Conditions keep on remaining ideal for further progress of the south-west rainstorm into residual parts of south Arabian Sea, a few sections of focal Arabian Sea, Karnataka, parts of Tamil Nadu, the Bay of Bengal and a few sections of the north-eastern states amid the following a few days,” expressed the IMD gauge.

A year ago, rainstorm had missed its ordinary onset date of June 10 with Mumbai and achieved the city 10 days late.