Monkey terror at IIT Bombay


Mumbai: IITians' big fear at the moment is not exactly studies. It is monkeys. Over a dozen monkeys have wreaked havoc on the IITBombay campus for the last few days, terrorizing students. The animals have reportedly been wreaking havoc in the hostels, snatching food from the students and poking fun at them on the streets.

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Sometimes, the monkeys also sneak into their rooms to take a nap on their beds or ransack the place, students said. "Though they have always been there on the campus, the numbers seem to be increasing by the day. Most of the hostel inmates with open balconies are affected by them,” a student said.

In an online edition of the campus magazine, Insight, students wrote, 'If one ever forgets to properly lock their room or keeps it open, these monkeys completely change the orientation of rooms destroying clothes and valuables… They also upturn waste-bins and scatter the trash in the entire wing if they do not find something to eat in them." The article encouraged students to wield a small stick at all times to scare away the monkeys.

While some blamed unplanned urbanisation for the menace, the Dean of Students' Affairs, Soumyo Mukherji, said they need to be careful about their belongings. He advised the students to lock their rooms whenever they step out to avoid such incidents.

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