Mohenjo Daro: “I first thought it’s going to be boring historic documentary,” says AR Rahman


Music composer A. R. Rahman, who has scored the music of the upcoming film Mohenjo Daro, says that when the directorAshutosh Gowariker told him about it, he thought it would be a “boring” historical documentary. At a media interaction for the film, as Gowariker asked Rahman how he had managed to come with a good album for the film, he replied: “Initially when you said ‘Mohenjo Daro’ I thought it’s going to be like a historic documentary, it’s going to be so boring.

“But then when you showed me all the pictures, it really inspired me. So I was trying to go to that zone and unearth with my imagination.”Rahman had also composed the music the last time actor Hrithik Roshan and Ashutosh had collaborated, on another historical film “Jodhaa Akbar”. In “Mohenjo Daro”, there are eight tracks, out of which the song “Tu Hai” sung by him is already out.

“We are connected as human beings ; we all have the same emotions, love, sadness, anger, romance and dreams, so I tap onto that universal factor of an emotion and the rest of it is just covering, it’s sweetening, but the core of connecting all of us is the same. It’s incredible.”

“Mohenjo Daro” releases on August 12.