Modi Impact; Baloch Human Rights Organisation protests in Karachi against Pakistan Army


New Delhi: It seems that August 15, 2016 infused new life and injected fresh blood in the suppresed freedom movement of the Balochistan freedom fighters and the courtsey may well be attributed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his mention of Balochistan in his speech from The Red Fort. 

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According to a report, an activist for a prominent Baloch political outfit said on Saturday that in a renewed police operation, even civilians in Balochistan have been attacked and abducted. The activist called on the international community to take steps to stop Pakistan’s human rights abuses in Balochistan.

Since Pm modi speech, Baloch activists in Pakistan and in other parts of the world have thanked Modi for raising the issue. "Pakistani atrocities have always been there. The positive thing now is that the world knows about them," Baloch activist Abdul Nawaz Bugti tweeted.

Meanwhile, the Baloch National Front on Saturday staged a protest condemning the abduction of Baloch women, harassment of activists and the human rights abuses being carried out by the Pakistani forces.

The protestors were seen shouting slogans, calling for a stop to the abduction of women in Balochistan and they also urged the United Nations to "wake up" and take notice of the issue.

"It is the time that international media raises their voices and helps save Baloch from the inhuman atrocities committed by Pakistani forces on a daily basis in Balochistan," Bugti said in a message. Many activists are asserting that since 2003, more than 23,000 activists, students, lawyers, women, journalists, writers and human rights defenders have been enforced disappeared by the Pakistani army and its death squads.

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