Missing Sisters Believed To Be The Bodies Found In 2 Suitcases


Two bodies discovered stuffed inside bags deserted in mountainous forest close Tokyo are suspected to be missing Chinese sisters, neighborhood media detailed today.

Cops allegedly found the cadavers collapsed inside the packs at two separate destinations in the forested areas late Thursday.

Police presume that the bodies are those of two female Chinese restaurant laborers, aged 22 and 25, who were living in Yokohama and missing since a week ago, as indicated by reports.

A man in his 30s gotten on a surveillance camera at the sisters’ flat before they disappeared has been distinguished as a suspect.

Kanagawa prefectural police declined to remark on Thursday’s disclosure when reached by AFP.

Shocking murder cases frequently snatch headlines in Japan, however the nation is known as one of the world’s most secure with a yearly murder rate of short of what one for every 100,000 individuals.

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A year ago, the body of a Chinese lady who had been lost for more than two years was found inside a bag drifting in a Tokyo channel.

Local media said the sufferer was 34-year-old Yang Mei, who came to Japan in 2013 as a trainee, one of the a huge number of foreigners – for the most part from China, Vietnam and Indonesia – who take part in a huge government work program.

In 2015, the body of a lady was found in a bag that had been left in a locker at Tokyo station, one of the world’s busiest rail center points, by a baggage storage organization.

The bag was kept for a month at the baggage storage space after nobody collected it.