‘Missing On a Weekend’- Goa also landed in soup after ‘Udta Punjab’


After Udta Punjab, Goa has also landed in the soup. Producer and Director Abhishek Jawkar’s film ‘Missing on a Weekend’ is an investigative thriller based on the crime scenes of Goa. However, Abhishek Jawkar has announced on June 27 to slate the release of the film to a later date. The delay is because of not receiving mandatory CBFC certification.

“We had submitted the movie to the CBFC on June 17 and decision is yet pending. Generally the whole process is wrapped in a week’s time”, says Abhishek. On the other hand, Abhishek got a call from the Goa Tourism accusing him of representing Goa in a bad light. Displeasure was also expressed about the release of the film.

Speculation is rife if this being the reason for the delayed certification. Whatever the reason, the movie is definitely not going to hit cinema today. “If the movie gets rejected by CBFC, we are ready to challenge the decision”, says Abhishek. Another turn ion the take comes in when CBFC finally gave a nod on Tuesday but with more than 50 odd cuts.

“Yes we have finally received CBFC acceptance but they have asked for a lots of cuts” clarifies Abhishek. When asked further, Abhishek signs off saying “We haven’t accepted the decision completely, some cuts are acceptable but others are illogical”.

The question now arises if the decision would be challenged, and where it would let to? Will it gets as luckier as ‘Udta Punjab’ or will set another benchmark?