Missing EgyptAir flight A320 with 66 passengers on board crashed, confirm aviation officials


Cairo. An EgyptAir flight A320 carrying 56 passengers and 10 crew members from Paris to Cairo stated missing on Thursday after disappearing from radar over the Mediterranean Sea. It is believed that plane has probably crashed into the sea, aviator officials also confirms.

The plane was boarded with 3o Egyptians, 15 French citizens, One Belgian, one Briton and others. Also a crew of 10 members including 3 security members, 2 cockpit crew and 5 cabin crew was there.

Flight MS804 Boeing 737-800 departed from Paris at 5:09 AM. Travelling at an altitude of 37,000 feet (11,280 metres), the plane disappeared from radar in Egyptian air space- some 280 kms from the Egyptian coastline.

“There was nothing odd,” EgyptAir vice chairman Ahmed Adel said. “The search and rescue aircraft from the Egyptian air force are at the position where we lost contact. They are still looking and so far nothing has been found.”

The pilot had clocked up 6,275 hours of flying experience, including 2,101 hours on the A320, while the first officer had 2,766 hours, the airline said. 

Egypt’s state-run newspaper Al-Ahram quoted an airport official as saying the pilot did not send a distress call, and that last contact with the plane was made 10 minutes before it disappeared from radar. It did not identify the official.

Around 15 relatives of passengers on board the missing flight have arrived at Cairo airport. Airport authorities brought doctors to the scene after several distressed family members collapsed.