Miss Transgender UK 2017 banned from pageant for being a male

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Crowned as the Miss Transgender UK 2017, Bea Wood was banned from competing at Miss Inspiration beauty pageant because she was born as a male. Ben was born as a boy however he came out as a woman four years ago. Criticizing the organization, Ben stated that “The director said that it was in their terms and conditions that I must be a natural-born female. Never did it once cross my mind they would prevent me from competing because I was born different to how I identify now.”

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The 28 year old runs a local support service for the LGBT community. Bea Wood also added that she was barely surviving, not living, confused and trapped before coming out as a transgender. She lost several of her family members and friends when she came out as a woman.

According to Miss Wood, the ban violates equality laws like the 2004 Gender Recognition Act. “I want to provide a service to show people how I came out and be a shoulder to cry upon. I want to fill in the gaps and help as many people as possible, meanwhile educate the families of LGBT people” she said.

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Bea Wood had realized her true identity deep down despite being brought up as a boy.

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