Misbah-ul-Haq : Man who challenges tradition


As we proceed onward and we crawled towards the begin of the begin of the firstt test amongst England and Pakistan at Lords the clamor around Mohammad Aamer's arrival to Test cricket was the loudest. It was practically as though the social event at Lord's was simply needing to see Aamer with red cherry in his grasp as they had seen five years back. Be that as it may, as a magnificent day of Test cricket finished, the spotlight was on only one man. A warrior, quiet and tranquil as hush before the storm,Misbah-ul-haq strolled off after Stumps on Day 1 , in the wake of turning into the most established skipper in the historical backdrop of the diversion to score a Test Hundred.  

Keeping in mind he went into the changing area in the wake of setting up a class appear, the 42-year old's state of mind emphasized what William Frederick Halsey once said, "There are no awesome individuals in this world, just incredible difficulties which standard individuals ascend to meet."

At the point when Misbah touched base at the wrinkle, Pakistan were 77 for  He had Younis Khan, another fine Test player at the flip side. He realized what must be finished. He did only that. Hee started circumspectly, more in the trademark 'Misbah-like' design.

Misbah is incomparable at two things. He can shield the ball throughout the day, just about attempting of running in with steam, worthless. Then again he can be innovative and ad lib in his batting, while as yet looking unconventional.

He did both the things superbly on Day 1.

He was rock strong in his protections while leaving the balls outside the fifth stump and keeping away from dangers against pacers. He played inside his cutoff points and qualities. He discovered limits frequently and continued going in a simple peasy way. Perused: Misbah-ul-Haq reclassifies children's story at Lord's

Mind you, Misbah survived a couple run-out chances amid his association with Asad Shafiq, however that was maybe the main way he could have out, concerning the way he made batting look. Misbah, in the main configuration he plays, was searching set for a hundred at Lord's, in his first appearance at the Home of cricket. Perused: Misbah-ul-Haq: Man who challenges tradition

Be that as it may, when Moeen Ali started his over not long after the savors interim the last session, Misbah got into his own. He keenly controlled the field with four limits in five balls and that is when everybody knew he would have been there soon. You could for a brief moment contrast Misbah with Roger Federer. Federer with 7 Wimbledon titles to his name, winning the grass competition for five continuous years in the middle of 2003-2007, verging on possessed the spot. It was his lawn, his place. Perused: Misbah-ul-Haq gets to be sixth most seasoned Test player to score a century

Also, Test cricket for Misbah appears like his range of ability. When he began playing those scopes and converse breadths, you can wager he was on Thug Life mode.

He stayed unruffled by Steven Finn's line down the legside as he drew nearer his hundred and when he achieved it, the festivals were of some class as well. The '42-years youthful' as the observer said, kept his bat on the ground, removed his gloves and saluted the changing area as they cheered their captain entire heartedly. He then celebrated in a way that would have unquestionably made Pakistani fans cheer for they know the group is in the right hands. Misbah finished ten push-ups which were as immaculate as his innings.

He remained not out at 110 after Stumps, which implies he will be back again to proceed with his innings. To take his group forward as he has constantly done.