Mind Blowing facts about Brain


The study of the human brain has been called the last frontier in science. The field of neuroscience is still in its infancy, but is rapidly exploding — turning yesterday’s brain “facts” into today’s brain “myths.” Experts agree there is more we don’t know about the brain than we currently know. So here are some interesting facts about brain that we do not know:

Brain feels no pain: There are no pain receptors in the brain. That's why surgeons can perform brain surgery on a patient why they are still awake. This helps them ensure that the delicate procedure doesn't screw up any vision or motor control functions – and also it looks really freaky. A nociceptor, a sensory receptor, sends signals to the spinal cord and brain alerting us to danger. 

100000 miles of blood vessel in brain: There are also a hundred billion neurons that comprise the brain – as many as in the entire galaxy – all in a squishy mass about the size of a cantaloupe. Using about 17% of your body's energy and 20% of its oxygen, while only containing 2% of its mass, the brain produces between 10-23 watts of power when awake — enough to light a bulb. Made of 75% water, your noodle has over 100 trillion synapses that connect those neurons and enough “space” to hold the entire Enclyclopedia Britannica fivefold, or 1,000 terrabytes of information. And the Cheech and Chong myth isn't true; you do use your entire brain, even when high.

Difference between right and left brain: The brain is split up into two symmetrical hemispheres. While they do work together, the left brain favors more rational, analytical thinking, while the right is more visually and conceptually oriented. They also work in opposites – you stub your left toe and the “pain” is processed on the right side. And they put right-side-up whatever is upside-down – the image in your eyes is actually received inverted and the brain corrects it. But here's the really weird thing – even if you were to lose one-half of your brain, you would be able to survive without it.

Mens brain is 10% bigger than ladies: So there you go – concrete proof that men are smarter than women. But before you go patting yourselves on the back, dudes, note that although women's brains are smaller, they have more nerve cells and connectors and work more efficiently than men's. And, true to the stereotype, they tend to process on the more “emotional” right side of the brain, while men process on the “logical” left. Also, an area known as the straight gyrus, responsible for nurturing, feminine traits, is proportionately larger in women.