Microsoft Founder Bill Gates to invest $5 billion for Africa’s Development


On Monday Microsoft founder Bill Gates decided to invest $5 billion around the next five years for Africa's development as he called on leaders in the continent to do the whole thing in their power to realise worldwide peace icon Nelson Mandela's dream of a bright prospect for the youth. The billionaire philanthropist's vow of $5 billion is in totaling to the $9 billion that he has already invested in Africa. On Tuesday Gates made the oath whereas was delivering the 2016 Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture at the University of Pretoria on the eve of the worldwide peace icon's birthday. He has clarified how Mandela and a visit to Soweto enthused him to form the groundwork he and his wife Melinda now head. The theme of this year's Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture is living jointly. This is appropriate, because in many ways, 'living together' was also the theme of Nelson Mandela's life," Gates conveyed as he recalled how he first met Mandela in 1994, when the leader was spearheading South Africa's first self-governing elections subsequent to being released form 27 years in prison as a political prisoner. Bill Gates further conveyed that, Mandela called to command me to help fund South Africa's election. He was organization Microsoft and thinking about software most of my waking hours. But I admired Nelson Mandela very a lot, I knew the election was historic, and I did what I might to help. But a passion for expansion in Africa would commence only three years later for Gates, when he visited the extensive Black township of Soweto near Johannesburg to find that there was no electricity for the computers Microsoft had donated to a community centre.

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He also further conveyed that, Computers could help people do some significant things, and in fact they have revolutionized life on the continent in many ways. But computers couldn't cure sickness or feed children. And if they couldn't be turned on, they couldn't do something at all. Soon subsequent to that, they commenced our foundation because the costs of to come had become clear. Gates recalled how Mandela had enthused him to take on the fight alongside HIV/AIDS — one of the first issues his foundation worked on, with the peace icon becoming an adviser on the project. "What we talked about most was the stigma around AIDS. He further conveyed that, quite than stay silent concerning the cause of his son's death, Nelson Mandela announced it publicly, because he knew that stopping the disease required breaking down the walls of fear and shame that surrounded it. Gates conveys Mandela that repeatedly talked about the power of youth. Gates also further conveyed that, demographically, Africa is the world's youngest continent and its youth can be the source of a special dynamism. Our duty is to invest in young people, to put in place the basic building blocks so that they can build the future. And our duty is to do it now, because the innovations of tomorrow depend on the opportunities available to children at present.

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