More than 100 people injured, 6 dead in Mexico Protest


OAXACA, MEXICO:  The incident took place on Sunday in southern Mexico. During a protest, the gunmen opened fire and left six people dead and more than 100 people injured.

The tear gas was thrown up by the police at the protesters to end up with a week long barricading that was blocking a road in Asuncion Nochixtlan, a town in Oaxaca. Apart from this, vehicles also set on fire.

In the violence, 55 federal and state officers were injured, including eight by gunshots, Ruiz Martinez said. Around 53 civilians were injured in the protests which happened on Sunday.

The protests has been led by National Education Workers Coordinator (CNTE) union in Oxaca against education reform. Two leaders has been arrested in the protest.

The National Security Commission refused that offficers were armed and they alleged that the news pictures with guns were "false."

Enrique Galindo, the police chief said, “an armed unit was deployed after unidentified people "fired weapons on police and the population."

"The teachers were not even involved in these things," Galindo said at a news conference.

In the protest most of the civilians got injured, said Oxaca state public security secretary Jorge Alberto Ruiz Martinez.

Three of the dead had bullet wounds. One was a minor and the other two were 23 and 28, parademics said.
The injured people were taken to the town's church before being transferred to hospitals. Several are in "critical" condition, the government said.