Mexico: Gun Fire Outside Mexican Beach Resort, 11 Dead


MEXICO CITY:  Nearly 11 died in gun battle that occurred on the periphery of the Mexican seaside resort in the farming community of La Concepcion of Acapulco on Sunday, state authorities stated.

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The cops interrogated a young man for unruly attack at the time of town festivities prior Sunday morning.

8 local natives died in the gunfire.

When armed forces and state cops entered into Acapulco, 3 members of the community cops were gunned down after defying them, Roberto Alvarez, a state security official stated.

Other 30 members were detained in the exchange of fire by the cops.

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Brutality in Acapulco has also been fed by territory conflicts over the allocation of drugs including cocaine and methamphetamine.

Few years back, Acapulco has been agitated by nasty gang conflicts and is currently ranked one of the most fatal cities in the world.