Mexico: Bus carrying foreign tourists crashes in Quintana Roo, 12 dead


At Least twelve people lost their lives and 18 others were wounded on Tuesday in Mexico’s Quintana Roo in a bus crash. The driver of bus lost control at the time of incident and rolled over during a tour.

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There were about 31 travelers, involving people of the United States, Brazil and Sweden. Quintana Roo and Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula are very famous tourist spots.

As per spokeswoman Cynthia Martinez, 27 commuters had been roving on Royal Caribbean cruise ships. “Our empathy go out to all those indulged in the bus accident,” Martinez affirmed. She added “We are doing all we can to care for our guests, involving helping with medical care and transportation.”

The travelers were going to the archaeological zone of Chacchoben when the incident occurred on Tuesday. Following the mishap, the victims were rushed to hospitals, Bus Company Costa Maya stated. 5 victims have been released and the wounded were in better condition, it added.

Quintana Roo’s government affirmed that it was probing the reason of the mishap. The U.S. embassy in Mexico stated it was functioning with officials to check if U.S. natives were on board the bus.

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In year 2016, around eleven tourists were died in accident in Quintana Roo when their bus overturned on the way to Cancun.