Mewat Celebrates Eid With Rotis


MEWAT: One of the most in reverse districts of Haryana – is observing Eid without biryani, taking after a week ago's crackdown on biryani shops after assertions of meat use. Be that as it may, numerous terrified local people have not set out to cook biryani even at home. 

In Tauru territory of Mewat, Mumtaz Begum has cooked sheep curry for her substantial family. The family – which generally wins 2000 a day between 4 siblings sets aside during that time to celebrate on Eid. In any case, kids, who had been anticipating the customary biryani, however they need to forego it this year. 

Mumtaz said she challenged not cook biryani this year – the menu will be basic rotis, sheep curry and kheer. 

"In their souls, everybody fears something may happen. They are concerned that police may come and pester them. Be that as it may, we say let the police come and check," said Mohammad Riaz. 

Inquired as to why he has kept the skin of a goat that was offered as penance on Eid, Mousin Mohammad told Media, "in the event that somebody comes, they can in any event check." 

A month ago, after a protest by the Gau Sewa Ayog – set up as of late by the state government to avoid dairy animals butcher – the police had gathered 7 biryani tests from the restaurants along the Mewat parkway. While a state government lab has guaranteed the examples contained meat, the police say they are yet to get a report. As every one of the shops shut, the merchants confront an indeterminate future in an area that has no plants and few occupations.