Methi seeds or Fenugreek to treat Ovarian Cysts and PCOS


But fenugreek or methi seeds have more potential to play than just being a mere seasoning agent. A research has established that its therapeutic ability that go further than correcting your digestion problems. A recent research conveyed that fenugreek seed extracts help to treat ovarian cyst and also symptoms of PCOS. The research took into consideration approximately 50 premenopausal women between the ages 18 and 45 with a BMI < 45 who suffered from PCOS and had problems with conception. These women were given fenugreek seed extracts in the form of capsules (approximately 500 mg each day) for 90 days 

Fenugreek and fertility

The Research concluded that 46 percent of the women had a reduction in ovarian cyst while 36 percent of them had the whole dissolution of the cyst. Almost 71 percent of the women had regular menstrual cycle post the study and 12 percent of them conceived during the treatment. This proves to an extent that fenugreek or methi seed extracts can help ease the discomforts of PCOS and help to better a woman’s chances of fertility. Regular consumption of fenugreek seeds increased secretion of luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicular stimulating hormone (FSH) that helped to ease the symptoms of PCOS.

How to use fenugreek to correct PCOS

  1. If you believe in natural remedies, it is better to talk to your doctor and get the doses prescribed in the capsule format.
  2. You can reap the benefits of fenugreek by soaking few seeds in water overnight, straining it in the morning and drinking it.
  3. Include it in seasoning your foods and sprinkle soaked fenugreek seeds in salads and curries.