Messaging app ‘Whatsapp’ unveils bigger emojis for iOS


An instant messaging app WhatsApp has come up with new feature. It has brought up big emojis for Ios users.

The latest smiley’s have gotten bigger, video recording gets a new zoom in and zoom out feature, and multiple private chats can now be deleted.

In group chats or private chats, whenever user will send a single emoji symbol then the emojis will appear big in size. However, if user want to send multiple emojis in one take, then emojis will appear in their normal sizes.

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Whatsapp has also come up with zoom in and zoom out feature for iOS users. They will be able to perform this function during the video recording.  To record the video, user just need to tap the camera icon next to the text bar. In the Iphone, recording begins when the user holds the shutter button on the iPhone display screen. Now, just by sliding up and down, users will be able to zoom in and out of a frame. However, when you zoom in and out the recording stops and will only start once you have set your desired frame. The option to zoom in and out simultaneously while recording live has not been introduced.

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Moreover, Whatsapp has unveiled the Edit button on top. Now, user will be able to delete, mark as read, and archive multiple chats at once. The delete button activates only for private chats, and group chats still need to be deleted one at a time. However, the Edit feature allows users to Mark as read, and archive all group and personal chats.