Merkel : Europe situation critical, can’t be fixed at one summit


Angela Merkel cautioned one summit would not settle Europe's ills as pioneers met to talk about the fate of a post-Brexit EU."We can't anticipate that an answer will the emergency in Europe from one summit. We are in a difficult circumstance," the German chancellor told correspondents as she landed at the meeting of 27 part states in Bratislava. 

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The summit was vital to show Europe "can follow up on security and psychological oppression" while helping job and ensuring its outskirts, Ms Merkel included. 

In the meantime, Greek Prime clergyman Alexis Tsipras cautioned Europe "ought not keep sleepwalking in the wrong bearing." 

France's Francois Hollande said Europe was confronting "a test, Brexit, and a test, working with 27 (part states)." 

"It is possible that it is separation, disintegration, or there is new impulse," the French president cautioned. "We should deliver a Bratislava arrangement, with three basic subjects to reestablish Europeans' trust in the EU: security, financial development, the adolescent." 

Resistance is one zone where participation should be supported, particularly in light of the fact that the "US is separating itself" from the EU, he said. 

The French president, who has sent troops to Mali and flying machine to Iraq and Syria to bomb Isis targets, has been pushing for sharing the weight of military operations abroad. 

"France is making the biggest (military) endeavors," Mr Hollande said. "Be that as it may, it can't be the stand out. Each landmass, or union should have the capacity to legitimately safeguard itself."

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