Mercury will pass over the sun


New Delhi. Astronomical phenomena in the solar system is continues but on the next Monday people of Earth could witness Mercury passing over the sun.
The visible move of the transit of Mercury orbit will be the planet Mercury in its orbit between Earth and the sun will pass through a small black shadow as the sun will appear over. After a gap of ten years, this astronomical event is going to be on or may be nine. Astronomical events like these for those who are interested and willing is a huge one as definitely extreme exciting moment are supposed to occur. Astronomical events like this occur around 13 times in a century.
Mercury transit or transit of Mercury will be like taking a big event but it also means in astronomy. Its importance is also because this event is taking place after a gap of 10 years. It happened earlier in 2006, next is 2016 and upcoming will be available in May 2019 but that time it will not be visible in India.