Mercedes-Benz to launch Maybach S650 in February 2018


Germany’s luxury car maker Mercedes-Benz is all set to unveil Maybach S650 car in February 2018 and will display Concept EQ. It is the latest product of the organization in the electric vehicle segment.

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The company aims to further strengthen its position in the Indian markets. As per the reports, it will present over 10 new products next year.

Mercedes-Benz India Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Roland Folger said in a statement, “Participation in Mercedes-Benz’s 14th vehicle exhibition tells our commitment to customers, markets and government’s make in India program.”

He expressed confidence that the company will remain on the top of the list in terms of luxury car manufacturing in the country. In year 2016, Mercedes-Benz India sold 13,231 units and maintained its strong position in the market for the second consecutive year. In January-September 2017, the company sold 11,869 vehicles. It shows a 19.6 percent increase as compared to year 2016.

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The company introduced 12 new vehicles in year 2017 and plans to introduce similar vehicles in the year 2018 also.