Meet the world’s most unusual pets


Lions, leopards, crocodiles and emus, when it comes to these pets it really is a case of don’t try this at home. For some people aren’t satisfied with getting a cat or dog and like to think big  and highly dangerous when choosing their animals.

Farmer Ruth Blair’s Shire horse Lincoln is thought to be Europe’s biggest horse.

The gentle giant, from North Lanarkshire, Scotland, costs more than £10,000 to feed each year, enjoying 24 apples a day.

Wild cat rescuer Dr Terry Moore has nine snow leopards, three pumps, two Amur leopards and a jaguar living in the outskirts of London.

The animals love belly rubs, trying to sit on Terry’s lap and being read to.

The Newby families from Essex have a 12 stone pet emu called Beaky.

The 6ft tall bird lives in the summerhouse in their garden and guzzles 12lbs of corn each week, plus 5lbs of fruit and veg.

A man holds the world record for the world’s biggest conk

John Matus, from Ohio in the United States, bought a pet bear as a cub.

Boo Boo lived in his backyard for nine years before being given to an animal sanctuary.

Annel Snyman from South Africa shares her guest house with a pet lion called Timba.

The big cat likes to snuggle up with Annel on the couch and is best pals with more conventional pet Diesel, a dog.

Nurse Vicki Lowing from Melbourne, Australia, lets her three pet crocodiles have the run of the house.

Johnie, Fovian and Jilfia measure up to 8ft in length and have three separate ponds to live in – but love snuggling up in bed with the family.

Horse trainer Leslie- Ann Rush from Orlando, Florida, raised three pet kangaroos from infancy.

The animal addict, who says she is unable to take a holiday, also has lemurs living in the backyard of her home.

Vet Melanie Butera’s unusual housepet is Dillie the wild deer, who loves bowls of spaghetti and eating roses in the garden.

Melanie, from Ohio, nursed Dillie from when the three day old blind fawn was brought to her clinic by a farmer.

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