Meet Priyanka Gandhi’s husband who is fond of a luxurious life


Business man Robert Wadra is now in trend on Twitter.As we all know that he belongs to a very rich family which is well known in politics. But there is very rare number of people who knows about his life style.He is very conscious for his fitness and fond of luxury cars.Today you get to know about his life style,habits and about hobbies.He really likes biking.

1.Wadra is very fond of luxurious cars and bikes.It can be heard that Wadra has many luxurious foreign cars and except it he is a huge fan of luxurious bikes.He likes to drive Suzuki Boulevard 1800cc v-Twin.

2.His dressing sense is beyond perfect.He always differentiate himself in charming look.

3.He like pets and he likes to spend time with them.

4.He is very conscious about his health.He starts his daily routine with exercise.He spend more time in the gym.

5.In December 2011,A english news paper give him a title of best dressed man.

6.He spend more quality time with his children.he is very close to his daughter Miara.

7.Except bikes or cars,he is fond of to play golf and loves to watch formula one race.

8.He loves cycling along with morning exercise.

9.Wadra also loves to travel.